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Greetings and welcome. Today I am thinking about Tyler Clippard, Zack Greinke, and the 2016 Arizona Diamondbacks. Enjoy.

Whenever Saberfeet analyzes footwear we rely on adjectives to describe what makes an individual unique. I believe that both Clippard and Greinke are feminine men whose footwear is holding them back. Before we get into what changes Saberfeet would suggest let’s take a look at another set of feminine men who are wearing elite footwear systems.

Buster Posey, Cole Hamels, and Edinson Volquez are two pitchers and a catcher who are wearing footwear that I believe represents a pinnacle. Hamels is a New Balance man while Posey and Volquez prefer Under Armour. Each of them has a slightly different strategy, but the end result is footwear that flows seamlessly into their uniforms without distracting the trained eye.

During the 2015 season Tyler Clippard wore black cleats while Zack Greinke chose a pair that was white with scattered Dodger blue. White is a great choice for men like Bryce Harper, Eric Hosmer, and Troy Tulowitzki, but it seemed garish and insubstantial on Greinke. Conversely I felt as if Clippard’s black cleats weighed him down, drained him of energy, and robbed him of confidence.

Soft, subtle, muted colors tend to work best for feminine people. We can see that in the light gray cleats that Posey and Volquez have chosen. Zack Greinke pitches well, even if we momentarily ignore the idea that his footwear may be the wrong shape and size, could he pitch better if we gave him footwear that was a different color?

Properly fitted footwear systems return energy to the wearer so one thing I’d expect from both Clippard and Greinke if their footwear was upgraded would be an energy increase. Whether that’s going deeper into games, throwing more pitches, or pitching with less effort and better results – I predict that they would report greater energy if the recommended changes were implemented.

Saberfeet has long felt that Buster Posey’s footwear would work well for Zack Greinke. As someone who has been diagnosed with anxiety I can appreciate how Zack might be feeling at times. Footwear that is the wrong color for you can make you feel ill at ease and uncomfortable. Would Greinke be less anxious if he had different footwear?

Tyler Clippard intrigues me. I feel as if he should be more confident after pitching in the postseason. Knowing that the correct footwear can bolster self esteem I would like to see what he thinks of what Chris Colabello wore during the 2015 season. It’s wrong for Troy Tulowitzki, but I believe that it may be something that Tyler Clippard can rock if he likes it and approves of the switch.

I can envision Tyler Clippard driving a golf ball into a hole on a fairway near a battered Scottish castle. I think he would look nice in a pair of light gray trousers, a pastel polo, and this eye-wear: http://m.mlb.com/news/article/84721376/nationals-reliever-tyler-clippard-excited-to-share-in-jeters-final-all-star-game. Notice how the loose heather gray top flatters him. Edinson Volquez wears a uniform that is comfortably fitted and I’m wondering if a more relaxed uniform would benefit Tyler Clippard as well.

Could Arizona capitalize on brilliant pitching from Greinke and Clippard by making the footwear changes recommended here? The road to the postseason is long . Trips to the DL haunt the best of teams, but I’m less concerned about the physical health of Zack and Tyler in light of what I believe to be true about their psychological makeup and mental wellness.

Footwear is no magic bullet that will protect people from any type of injury, however it is equipment that can be analyzed and improved upon. Ideally everyone playing baseball would invest in a Saberfeet analysis, but for now consider the upside of what a small change like cleat color could do for Clippard, Greinke, and the 2016 Arizona Diamondbacks.

Saberfeet: How safe are your feet?


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