Matt Harvey

Greetings and welcome. Today I am thinking about Mets pitcher Matt Harvey. As Tom Verducci’s Dark Knight Harvey enjoys a degree of notoriety. Harvey gets high marks in the style category. When the Mets are wearing the blue tops Harvey is one of the few people pitching in a uniform that accentuates his skin and hair. I haven’t seen a necklace on him and I wouldn’t add one either. He has bedroom eyes to go along with a bit of a pout to his mouth. He’s serious, aggressive, competitive, sultry, and sensual.

His glove is a glossy black with the Nike swoosh in the Mets colors. It harmonizes well with the color and style of his footwear which is also a reflective black with striking accents. I hate the pinstripe pants on him, I bet he would be stunning in a deep black, but we have to work with what we have. He’s a joy to watch when he’s pitching well, but he has a tendency to be hotheaded and I’m going to say that’s because he cares a little too much. I’m okay with his ego up to a point. In my opinion sending him out in the ninth inning wasn’t a bad decision, but I don’t like how he demanded the ball.

Could Matt Harvey have pitched a complete game given different footwear? I say yes. Compared to the opposing pitcher Volquez Harvey centers his weight over the middle of his foot instead of using the larger heel bones. This matters since you can get more leverage when your heels are down and back. We want large bones and muscles to do big work and smaller bones and muscles to do lesser work. The way he stands now I wouldn’t keep him around. Losing weight would help take pressure off of his lower back, that would help him with longevity and health.

I think Matt Harvey has anger issues. I also believe that he takes team failure personally, it’s also my opinion that the Mets really didn’t understand how to use him effectively. To me he’s dangerously analytical. I believe he would enjoy a greater leadership role given that opportunity. His foot is very tall, he has a very high instep and I’m guessing that his footwear doesn’t fit him fabulously because of it. I’m also wondering if his footwear is slightly short and narrow. Giving him footwear that fits him properly will help his feet relax. The way he stands and pitches now is fatiguing. My theory is that better footwear and heel usage allows him to finish that game he started the night the Mets lost the World Series to the Royals.

This next part has nothing to do with footwear, it goes back to something my chiropractor told me after I got divorced. I have a lot of trouble relaxing and I think Matt Harvey does too. I think he gets trapped in the web of his own thoughts. He’s intelligent and cunning; that led to me thinking about outlets for him. My chiropractor frequently discusses my mental health issues. He told me I need to get laid and I think that’s good advice for Matt Harvey too. Sex can be a way to chill out and unwind, but it can’t be sex with just anyone. I’m not going to bed with anyone I don’t respect. I have standards. Everyone should, yet many don’t.

Matt Harvey is an attractive man with a lot to offer the right woman. What does the right woman look like? Harvey does well with high contrast. He has dark olive skin, for cosmetic reasons I would go much lighter, or considerably darker. Maybe a Nicole Kidman type or a beauty like Damaris Lewis. Scarlet Johannson fits the bill, but I don’t see them working as a couple. Based on what I’ve seen Matt Harvey likes power, control, and he needs to be challenged by someone who can stand up to him and not back down from his forceful and dominant personality. I want his partner to be someone he can talk to about baseball and life, someone who loves him enough to say no when he’s being outrageous, an alluring woman who can hold her own during an argument. A lady who is comfortable with herself who affirms him and builds him up in a way that his teammates can’t.

I feel like Matt puts up barriers so people don’t get too close to him. He isn’t going to open up to just anyone. I would advise women who want to pursue him to be subtle, he has an eye for detail, and my guess is charisma is going to be compelling to him. A complex partner who has layers he can go through would be who I would pair him with if I was speaking to him about that aspect of his life. Call this intuition, but I have a hunch that Harvey is a fantastic flirt who may be too eager when it comes to seducing women. With his face and salary he isn’t going to have to do anything to attract the cream of the crop, but he should refrain from satisfying his feral sexual appetites until he finds a woman that he thinks is going to be the one.

Power should be balanced in the relationship. He won’t respect a woman he can wrap around his finger and a woman who won’t stand up for herself is going to have trouble keeping his interest regardless of how attractive she is. A bold lover who can tease and tantalize, who knows when to heat it up and when to back off and give him space to cool down. This is just me being fanciful, it isn’t based on any facts, just my impression of the guy on the bench wearing number thirty-three. That congruency is interesting, that he chose an odd number fascinates me. For me Matt Harvey represents a dynamic puzzle of varied layers.

I can’t like him. I don’t dislike him, but I admire the potential that is there. I think he’s a very frustrated man who hasn’t found what makes him feel alive. Does he really have an out of control ego or is that masking some deep and haunting insecurities? What scares him? What keeps him up at night? What does he do for fun? Fun is another thing I want for Harvey. If the Mets are going to keep him they need to import some fun. A fun girlfriend would help him. I have a feeling he has a tendency to take himself too seriously. Having a fun romantic interest, fun in the form of teammates, or both would help balance him. Matt Harvey to the Giants is a fun trade for me. I would love to see what Buster Posey and Matt Harvey could do together. Buster takes care of his pitchers, Matt Harvey needs nurturing, but he isn’t the kind of guy who is going to want anyone too maternal that fusses over him.

I don’t like the way that Terry Collins manages Matt. Harvey has leadership potential. Helping others helps you. I would give him a great deal of freedom and as much responsibility as he wants. Partnering him with younger pitchers or teammates who may be struggling would give him an opportunity to use his problem solving skills and dull the selfish edge I sometimes see in him. I’d be willing to bet that he could be a great mentor and would trust him with people who remind him of himself, but not people who need heavy duty empathy. Again, these are just my ideas so please feel free to disagree. This isn’t your average post on Matt Harvey, but then, Matt Harvey isn’t your average starting pitcher either. I wish him nothing but the best going forward.

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